Switchboard Of Souls is a Darkwave/Synthpop band coming out of the Central Valley, influenced by bands such as Kraftwerk, Joy Division/New Order, Camouflage, Depeche Mode, The Cure and Clan Of Xymox. The band started out in 2001 with a goal to make music the way it was made in the early 80s-90s IE. pop music based on synthesizers.

SOS’ founder and core member is Christopher Quintos born of California and raised in Hawaii. He began learning music by ear at a young age. Christopher’s first music compositions were done on his home computer, a Commodore 64. During his teen years, he became involved in the PC demoscene where he was able to pursue his passion for electronic music production. He has released several compositions: Between 1991 and 1994 Christopher created music for one of the small obscure groups in the demoscene at the time. Eventually became one of their composers under the pseudonym K.Q. Delirium (KQdelirium). His best-known documented compositions from that time were “The Grinding Shame” which was an mtm. MTM files are 32 channel modules created by the MultiTracker Module Editor (created by the demo group Renaissance). Also “Dracula” and “Distant” which where composed from UltraTracker a module editor from 1993 for DOS and Gravis UltraSound sound card. It supported up to 32 channels and 8 or 16-bit samples. It was programmed by Marc Andrй Schallehn (MAS of Prophecy). Common file extension: ULT.

In 1995 Christopher left the PC demoscene to work as a DJ at a relatives local night club. Where he met Jason Vanhelsdingen also known as Till Then. They talked, swapped demo tapes and both had a passion for the same type of music and vision. In 1999 formed a live electronic/synth band called KULTUR (Note: not to be confused with the band “Culture Kultur”). Later that year, As time passed, so did the nuance of KULTUR. Reminiscing over the sounds of KQdelirium, in 2001, Christopher transformed KQdelirium into Switchboard Of Souls.

The beginning line up for the first year of 2001 of SOS was: Christopher (Lyrics, Lead Vocals, Lead synths/keys, Guitars and programming). His cousin Tiffany (Backing Vocals) and Anthony Urbano (Backing Vocals and atmospheric synths/keys). In 2002 Tiffany had left the band to further her studies. So all who where left was the two, Christopher and Anthony. In 2003 They were introduced to local producer NOSAJG+ aka (Common Prayer Studios) who helped find SOS’ signature sound. Jason was also later recruited into the band, so the final line up was: Christopher (Lyrics, Lead Vocals, Lead synths/keys, Guitars). Anthony  (Backing Vocals and atmospheric synths/keys) and Jason (Bass/synths/keys, triggers and programming).

In 2003 NOSAJG+ helped with the production and all the remixes. Early 2005 everyone went their seperate ways and again left Christopher to continue his journey as core member and solo artist Switchboard Of Souls. In 2006 Christopher discovered the Metaverse, 3D virtual worlds of Second Life. Became a Metaverse Musician and became a performing artist in Second Life as well.

Since the release of their Maxi-single Don’t Bother Me in 2003, Switchboard Of Souls is currently working on some covers, singles and the reworking of a few older tracks, and some side projects/collaborations. SOS has grown in popularity and managed to maintain a faithful group of fans all over the world.


Switchboard Of Souls LIVE:

Christopher  (Lyrics, Lead Vocals, Lead Keys/Synths, Programming)
Anthony  (Backing Vocals, Backing keys/Synths)

Switchboard Of Souls in Second Life LIVE:
Christopher aka (Sifu Qinan the Cyber Taoïst of Second Life) – (Vocals, Keys/Synths, Programming)