Switchboard Of Souls (SOS) is the moniker of Christopher Quintos,

an Artist / Musician who puts together Dark wave, Synth-pop and Industrial tracks that smell like they come from a parallel universe in 1986. His music is modern and synth-driven, but the musical structures, melodies and sometimes even lyrics are throwbacks to a past age.

His music is heavily influenced by bands such as Kraftwerk, Joy Division/New Order, Depeche Mode, The Cure, Mesh, and Clan Of Xymox.

Quintos created (SOS) in 2001 with a goal to make music the way it was made in the early 80s-90s IE. pop music based on synthesizers.

In 2006 he discovered the Metaverse, 3D virtual worlds of Second Life. Became a Metaverse Musician known as resident Sifu Qinan/DJ QOV3N7 and became the performing artist known as Switchboard Of Souls in Second Life as well.

Switchboard Of Souls LIVE in the physical world:
Christopher Quintos – (Lyrics, Lead Vocals, Lead Keys/Synths, Guitars & Programming)
Anthony R. Urbano – (Backing Vocals, Backing keys/Synths)

Switchboard Of Souls LIVE in the virtual world:
Christopher a.k.a. (resident Sifu Qinan/DJ QOV3N7 of Second Life a.k.a. Switchboard Of Souls) – (Vocals, Keys/Synths, Guitars & Programming)